Bar Mushly


In order to fully experience the atmosphere of the sea coast, you should try fresh oysters, sea snails and scallops baked with chili sauce. Don't miss the opportunity to taste mussels in wine, shrimp fries with cocktail sauce or almost a kilogram plateau of seafood. Or even a Canadian lobster, which will be taken out of the aquarium before cooking. And besides, soups, sandwiches, snacks. All this possible without the pathos of an expensive restaurant and astronomical prices. All this in a democratic city cafe. All this with a good selection of wines, smiling staff and a view of Rynok Square. We are waiting for guests. We greet with pleasure and cook with love.

Shhh… Just between you and me, in confidence. - 35 Rynok Square, Bar Mushly.

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Churrasco Grill & Wine
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Georgian cuisine and Brazilian unlimited meat

You will find a part of Georgia in Lviv in the restaurant Churrasco Grill & Wine thanks to our chef-cook Koba Maharashvili. It is a place where you can try the best khinkali - with glossy light dough stuffed with beef, cheese, mushrooms, salmon and spinach.

Churrasco Grill & Beer
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Ukrainian cuisine and Brazilian unlimited meat

Unlimited meat and fish, traditional Ukrainian dishes, brand beer in a jar and good tinctures - this is Churrasco Grill & Beer. Here time slows down and the atmosphere sets you up for loud Lviv celebrations with meat and beer among your friends.

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Black Sea fish and seafood restaurant

Feel yourself on the sea vacation! Mountains of small fish of our own catch, different salted fish, oysters, seafood, barrel prosecco, beer and tinctures are here in Anchousna. We catch fish ourselves, fry and salt it and every day we treat our guest to the Black Sea soup. Lviv has never seen so many fish!